Livestock Production and Management


Cattle, Pig, Poultry, Sheep & Goat  and Fodder farms, Hatchery unit, Practical Animal shed, UG laboratory equipped with required equipments

Teaching Activities:

  • B.V.Sc. & A.H. Programme (8+6=14 Credit Hrs)
  • M.V.Sc.  Programme: As per ICAR Revised Postgraduate Course Curricula-2009 (60 Credit Hrs.)

Research Priorities:

  • Studies on Pig production system and its Improvement in  Mizoram
  • Development of early weaning management protocol for pig
  • Performance of  quails under agro-climatic condition of Mizoram
  • Studies on Broiler production system and its Improvement in  Mizoram
  • Studies on Performance of Local and upgraded pigs under farm condition.

Research activities:

  • Studies on the potential of Quails farming in Mizoram(PI: Dr  L.Hmar; ERP/completed)
  • AICRP on Pig (P.I.-Dr L.Hmar,  ERP/ongoing)
  • Studies on performance of pigs in low input traditional system (PI: Dr Prasanta Saikia; IRP/completed)
  • Augmenting pig production through effective microbial technology (PI: Dr Prasanta Saikia; ERP/ongoing)
  • Skill Enhancement and Generation of Sustainable Livelihood for Pig Farmers in Kolasib District of Mizoram (PI: Dr Prasanta Saikia; ERP/ongoing)
  • Effect of early weaning management on performance of Yorkshire sow and piglets (PI: Dr. Girin Kalita; IRP/ongoing)

Extension & Other Activities:

  • Organization of three-days Farmers Training on Quails Farming and Management
  • Organization of short courses of Scientific Pig and Poultry farming
  • Organization of Vocational Training on Poultry Framing and Value added products
  • Participation in the Animal Health camps and other extension programmes.
  • Participation in Agri-fair
  • Preparation of  Leaflets/posters on Livestock production and Management                                         

List of Courses Offered by the Department

Undergraduate Programme

Course ID Course Name Duration
LPM-111 General Livestock Management 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPM-112 Fodder Production and Grassland Management 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPM-121 Animal Housing and Sanitation 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPM-311 Swine/Camel/Equine/Yak Production and Management 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPM-312 Wild and Zoo Animal Health Care Management / Fish Production 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPM-313 Laboratory Animal/Rabbit/Fur Animal Production And Management and Pet Animal Care 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPM-321 Sheep and Goat Production and Management 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPM-322 Avian Production and Management 2+1 Ch.Hrs
LPM-411 Cattle and Buffalo Production and Management 1+1 Ch.Hrs

Department Activities

Land preparation for Fodder Cultivation
Fodder Cultivation
Newly farrowed piglets
Practical - Iron Injection
Goat Farm
Goat at the grazing land
Hatchery Unit
Students at Research Work
Research work
Broiler chicks in brooder which are used for research

Teaching Faculty

M.V.Sc., Ph.D.
Head of Department
Associate Professor
M.V.Sc., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Supporting Staff

Dr. Lizzy Zothanpari
Farm Assistant
Dr. Rody Lalrinfeli Fanai
Farm Assistant
Dr. Lalthawmmawii
Farm Assistant
Mrs. Biakkhumi
Farm Assistant
Mr. F. Lalrinngheta
Field-cum-Lab Assistant
Mr. P.C. Lalremruatkima
Field-cum-Lab Assistant
Mr. Y. Budhachandra Singh
Field-cum-Lab Assistant
Mr. A. Amumacha Singh
Multi Tasking Staff
Mr. Rualkunga
Multi Tasking Staff
Mr. Hopna Soren
Multi Tasking Staff
Mr. Muanthanga Tonsing
Multi Tasking Staff